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GDPR Terms and Conditions

Data Protection

SameAgent aims at protecting personal data, privacy and confidential information the company has been entrusted with. At SameAgent we are committed to ensure adequate protection and use of personal data acquired through the website, Social media and all other means of communication.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is about harmonising the data protection laws across Europe, in force from 25 May 2018 in all Member States. The SameAgent has procedures that ensure correct data processing, sharing and storage. The company keeps track on of how we document and process data. We invest in our security infrastructure, ensure appropriate contractual conditions and implement standard contractual provisions. We are taking all important steps to meet the safety requirements for our EU customers.

We are entrusted with the personal data of our customers, and therefore, we have high safety standards. We keep our records electronically. Records are continually updated and reflect our current processing activities. We keep records on how we ensure the security of personal data, how we approach confidential information and overall security. Documentation helps us keep track of GDPR aspects. We continue to follow the guidelines for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

The SameAgent is interested in collecting only the personal information voluntarily provided by visitors to its website in order to offer them information and services.

If you want to learn more about how we collect, use, share/transfer, and protect the personally identifiable information we have received, read the online statement below.


1. Processing of personal data - Consent

Companies are required by law to obtain your consent to the processing of your personal data, to obtain your consent to use your email address and other for business related communication, for marketing materials, publications and invitations to professional events and other. You acknowledge that you have been informed of your rights and are aware of

  • the processing of personal data,
  • the willingness to provide personal data,
  • the rights of data subjects to access personal data,
  • the possibility of requesting the removal of personal data.

Consent is granted for an indefinite period of time. Personal data will be processed solely within the scope and to the extent known to you.


2. Personally identifiable information - Collection and Use

If you voluntarily provide us with your information in order to contact you by e-mail or by telephone – we officially obtained your personal information as you chose to provide us with it. If you are communicating with a third-party service that authenticates your identity (like search engines and Social media: Google, Facebook, Twitter and other), SameAgent will only collect information that you have voluntarily gave us, like your first name, surname, and email address. What information other third-party gathers depends on the privacy settings you have set up with them. Check the privacy policies and terms of the specific services. If you provide your personal information on our website, you consent to such data being used in accordance with this privacy statement. Your personal data will not be used for other purposes unless you explicitly give consent, or this not required or permitted by law.

The company collects the personally identifiable information that is required to fulfil the visitor's request. If more information is needed, you will be informed about what information will be collected. SameAgent only collects personal information when the person in question voluntarily provides this information to us, or when the collection of this information is required or permited by law.

If you send us an e-mail in which you request information, SameAgent will use your e-mail address and other necessary information you have voluntarily provided to answer your question. If you send us information about yourself or your resume/biography in case you want to apply for a job or be a contractor with SameAgent, we will use the necessary amount of information you have provided us to evaluate your application.

The company uses your data upon your consent for its legitimate business purposes. In voluntarily providing your data, you agree to transfer the data to SameAgent databases and store them there. If you have any questions about your data, if it’s necessary to store, or if it’s stored appropriately for a particular purpose, please contact us.


3. IP addresses, Cookies and Analytics

The number assigned to your computer at any time when you connect to the Internet is IP address. IP allows computers and servers to recognize each other and communicate. The IP addresses from which web site visitors are accessed can be logged for IT security purposes.

A cookie is a text that places a web page in a cookie file of your web browser and allows it to remember information about your preferences. Cookies are used exclusively in accordance with applicable laws. A notice is displayed on website, which requires consent to the collection of cookies. You can set up a web browser to be informed when you receive a cookie. You can decide if you want to accept cookies. You can also delete cookies from your device anytime.

The website may collect and use information about the geographical location of your computer or mobile device. Data is collected to provide content based on geographic location. SameAgent uses Google Analytics. To learn more about using these tools here: Google has developed the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, so that you can control how Google Analytics collects data.  Web beacon, a small graphic image on a web page that can be used to collect information from computers: IP address, time the page content was viewed, the browser type - are key info shared via beacons. Web beacons are used to monitor the effectiveness of websites offering marketing services, or to collect aggregate statistical information about site traffic. Web beacons are used in accordance with applicable laws.


4. Applications of third parties

The website may include social sharing functionality through third-party applications such as Facebook Likes and Twitter feeds. These applications owned by third parties can collect information about your site use. Sensitive information you provide through these applications and the processing of these data is governed by the terms of these companies. SameAgent is not responsible for the data collection and actions by these companies.


5. Child Protection

We understand the importance of protecting minors, especially in the online environment. Our websites are not intended for children. We never consciously collect information about infants / children and do not store data about them except when it is part of providing our professional services. In case we choose to obtain data related to minors, we explicitly ask for permission from their guardians. We store data with all due care and responsibility, not enabling third-party access.


6. How to use the website

Visiting a website does not imply any obligation to provide any information by the site visitor. However, if you would like further information from SameAgent to cooperate with or purchase from us, you may be required to submit certain data. We may ask for permission to use certain information, and it is up to you to agree whether it’s used or not. If you sign up for a certain service such as an e-newsletter, you can cancel the service anytime.


7. Sharing personal data

SameAgent will not transfer the data you provide to any third parties for their use unless having permission to do so. Information used in marketing activities is subject to your approval. The company and all acting on their behalf do not sell data to third parties.  We do not disclose personal information to third parties, except when required for our legitimate professional needs you are informed about and agreed to, to meet your requirements or if required by law or professional standards. SameAgent may also store personal data in a country other than the one in which you reside. By submitting your data on the website, you agree that this data will be transferred across borders or stored outside the territory of that country. Disclosure may be necessary for security audit purposes or for investigating or resolving complaints or in cases of security threats.


8. Data security

We dedicate means and put effort into protecting your data. We have established security rules to protect personal data from alteration, loss, misuse or destruction. It is important to inform you that it is never possible to guarantee absolute data security.  SameAgent seeks to ensure that access to data is limited to those people who really need to have it. Persons must have authority to access data and are obliged to keep the information confidential and use only for the agreed purpose. We only retain personal data for the time it takes to make your request, or until the person in question requests us to delete it.


9. Access to data

If you have provided us with your personal information, you have the right to have access to this information to correct any inaccuracies. You may also request an update or deletion of your personal information. SameAgent will execute your request in accordance with applicable laws and professional standards.


10. Other Websites

The website may contain links to other websites. We encourage users to read the privacy and data protection statement on all websites they visit before providing them with any personal information.

SameAgent may modify this Online Statement to reflect our current privacy policy. If we make changes to this Statement, the update date will be published on this page. We encourage you to read this Statement regularly. SameAgent is committed to protecting the privacy of your personal information. If you have questions, please contact us at Use this email address if you have questions or comments about how SameAgent manages your personal information.


GDPR summary:

  1. We ensure that key people within the company are aware that the changes in data protection law. GDPR changes have an impact on the people who handle data within the company
  2. We audited information collection, access, store, transfer and deletion
  3. Our company website provides the above information for you
  4. We have implemented procedures within the company to ensure individual's rights, procedures how to store, share data and delete data
  5. Individuals have right to access. We handle requests in a professional manner
  6. We reviewed and updated the way the company seeks, records and manages consent
  7. We verify individual's ages. Our business module doesn’t focus on services provided by or used by children. Any data about minors we obtain in the future would be obtained only with the child’s legal guardian/parent and used only for legal, allowed and agreed purposes.
  8. Our crisis management includes procedures on how to detect, report and investigate sensitive/personal data breaches.
  9. We aim at communicating with ICO, to be informed and understand ICO's code of practice
  10. Our data protection officer takes care of data protection and compliance.



- The SameAgent Team