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I was born and raised in Thailand, I am a 1´77 m tall multi skilled eclectic girl, an artist who loves sports, music, DJing and TV, lucky me I became a professional of my hobbies.

I actually work as a DJane + Radio Host:
-Unika FM 103.0 Madrid Spain mixing and hosting my “Two Yupa in the mix” Tech Tribal House music sessions every saturday from 21 to 22h CET, also on line
-Sol FM Cordoba 94.4 y 94.7 Valle de los Pedroches, fridays and saturdays from 22 to 23h CET, also on line
-EDM Jam radio broadcasting from Philadelphia, PA and Amsterdam, on line saturdays from 20 to 22h CET
-Radio Denia Cadena SER 92.5 FM mixing and hosting “Two Yupa in the mix”
-SFY , Survival by SFY & Vitargo leading professional sports nutrition brand companies.
-Training and guiding on workout, muscular development and sports nutrition.

Brief professional resume:

-House music vocalist:
• Two Yupa & Diskomasters – “Gonna Get You” – Leima Records 2013
* Two Yupa – “Provocación” – Eurovision contest 2010
• Two Yupa – “Wild Love” from compilation CD album “Good Times!” by Music Brokers (2010)
• Two Yupa – “Wild Love” club mix from compilation CD “Blancoynegro only for DJs Hits 08” by Blancoynegro (2008)
• Two Yupa – “Beach Dancing”. Musica Yes Record company-Miami, USA, also by Leima Records and “I D.J” magazine(2007).
• Two Yupa – “Sexy G” from compilation CD “Evolution Tuning” by MD Records (2004).

-Boxing World Championship Host.
-Host at Spain´s main beauty contests.
-Co-host at TV show “Artiles y Compañía” by Canal7 de Madrid.
-Guest actress at “Hermanos de Leche“ by Antena3 TV series.
-Advertising campaigns of beauty products, jeans, fine underwear, Licor 43.
-Qualified Jury on main beauty contests like Miss Spain, Top Model Spain, Miss Model of the world, Miss Stripper International, Chico y Chica Primera Línea and Chica Interviú.

• I write my own nutrition pages at martial arts mag “Cross Combat”.
• “Air Comet” airlines´s on board mag health tips pages.
• I have written a book about deep Thai culture and cooking including 53 recipes.

• Fitness & Bodybuilding National Trainer by IFBB.
• Advanced Sports Nutrition degree by IFBB*.
• Muscular Development Training science degree by IFBB.
• Personal Trainer degree by IFBB.
*Member of the Internacional Federation of Body Builders.

-Martial Arts Master:
• Karate First Dan Black Belt wado ryu endorsed by FEK Federación Española de Karate.
• Muay Thai,western boxing, and MMA expert.

-Corporate icon & spokeswoman:
• Ultimate Stack sports nutrition company 2004 y 2005.
• Sci-Mentor sports nutrition company 2006 y 2007.
• Ovogym nutrición deportiva 2007 y 2008.
• Science For You, Survival & Vitargo sports nutrition companies from 2009 till today.

-Two Yupa ´s calendar wallpapers 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 y 2013.

-Designer of my own sports outfits “Two Yupa” brand name.

-CEO of “Two Yupa cosmetics”.

-Tv celebrity:
I ´ve starred in these TV Shows:

• “Tan A Gustito”.
• “Corazón Corazón”.
• “Corazón de Verano”.
• “Por la Mañana” collecting funds on behalf of Tsunami victims.
• “Gente”.
• “Hoy es Posible” contestant Olympics against drugs

Televisiones Autonómicas
“Tómbola” de Canal Nou.
“Jai Som” de TV3 Cataluña.
“Mamma Mia” Telemadrid.
“Gran Vía de Madrid” collecting funds on behalf of Tsunami victims.

“La Granja 2” I was one of the contestants of this celebrities TV show
“La Buena Onda”
“Abierto al Anochecer”
“Cada Día”
“Donde Estas Corazón”
“Sabor a Ti”
“La Sonrisa del Pelicano”

• “No le Digas a Mamá que Trabajo en la Tele”