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multi-instrumental club show

Dj that playing the saxophone and electronic percussion
TOP 100 Djs (Ru, CIS)
One of the best “live” projects on the Russian stage and in the CIS, working on his own and unique style: multi-instrumental club show!! 

Performance by TPaul – DJ-Set, where the club hits are transformed in the eyes of the public:

– Live Play on a saxophone. This is not a saxophone, which is nice to just listen. Sound TPaul makes people dance. Playing with the correct accents in House music is of paramount importance.

– Electronic percussion. The most modern, professional music module can replace dozens of live percussion instruments, while maintaining the “living” quality! What else can add so much drive, how many drums create? Only their diversity and skillful use!

T’Paul’s tracks already captivated many listeners, they can often be heard in hot rotation European radio stations. His tracks are easily recognizable from the first notes, and does not leave indifferent peoples on the dance floor!

T’Paul Sax pays considerable attention to work with the public. The drive and artistry – these words are possible to characterize each his performance. This is a real show, the maximum positive which want to be seen and heard again.

Live performance T’Paul Sax – it’s a real exclusive! Artist plays mostly copyrights remixes and tracks in the format of “euro-commerce.” His work easily and positively perceived by the public is absolutely different ages.