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Resident DJ in VIP Ibiza
Resident DJ Murphys Playa Den Bossa Ibiza
Resident DJ Jet Apartments Ibiza

Kirstin Keegan from Dublin Ireland has had a very passionatelove for music all her life. From a very young age she entered the world of music as a dancer and competed for many years leading up through her teens. As much as she loved to dance it simply wasn’t enough for her and she thought what better way to express her love for beats than entering the DJ scene.

Kirstin grew up having many fellow DJ friends therefore she would attend all their gigs admiring and enjoying their sets. Watching and listening to others perform in the mix, only gave her a bigger craving to be a DJ herself.

Back in 2005 Kirstin played on a set of 1210`s for the very first time with one of her pals. Regretting not picking up mixing full time at this point she continued dancing and let her urge to Dj lie dormant

As the years went on to 2011 Kirstin wanted more out of music. She wanted to feel the music more and feed the crowd with beats on the dance floor.

On August 14th 2010 Kirstin played her first gig at The Vaults IFSC Dublin. However much she enjoyed it she was still unable to mix at this stage and it gave her an even greater urge to push forward.

August 28th just two weeks after her first gig, Kirstin played her second gig in the Cave (Radio City).Still unable to mix Kirstin was delighted to get her second gig and played her set.

December 2010 just a week before Christmas, Kirstin woke up determined to buy a set of Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk3`s and a DJM 800 by the end of the day. As wacky as her brainwave was with the equipment being so expensive she wasn’t going to rest till she got them. Kirstin had her 3rd gig coming up on the 15th of January in The Vaults playing oldskool Dance Classics, and she made it her New Year’s Resolution to be mixing for 2011 at her next gig.

By the end of that day Kirstin had a set of Mk3 CDJ`s and an 800 mixer sitting in the back seat of her car driving home to Dublin in the snow from Tyrone with the biggest smile on her face. Without the help of her loving mum pulling together with Kirstin to make up the pounds for her decks, it wouldn’t have been possible.

January came and the count down to Kirstin’s 3rd gig was on. The pressure was on as it was the 9th of January 2011, a week to the gig and she still didn’t know how to turn her decks on. With the much appreciated help of a complete stranger at the time, Kirstin was thought how to mix throughout 5 very stressful and sleepless nights. On the 10th of January the fun began for Kirstin when she was mixing. The following day after covering the BPM`s on the MK 3`s, putting the pitch completely off on both decks and removing the headphones from the mixer Kirstin was taught how to beat match, and how to pitch & jog.

Shocked and delighted with her quick results in learning to mix, Kirstin decided to get her first tattoo of musical notes on her right shoulder and back to represent her first day in the mix with the date 10/01/11 in it.

After her gig on January 15th 2011 in The Vaults finally mixing, there was no turning back for Kirstin. For the summer of 2011 kirstin was commuting between Ireland and Ibiza. She flew back to Dublin for GlobalNRG to DJ and then back to Ibiza with her new decks to further her career in Djing.

Since Summer 2011 to date Kirstin still continues to commute between Dublin and Ibiza DJing every year. In Ibiza 2012 Kirstin has DJ’d in a number of clubs on the Westend such as Hush, Viva, Koppas, Tropi, A Catamaran Boat Party, and held a DJ residency at Ultraviolet in Play 2 Nightclub in 2013 along with DJing in Pukka Up Bar.

Kirstin is now a well respected house & techno DJ on the Irish dance scene delivering her lively sets to every club she plays in in Ireland. She went on to DJ alongside Ash Preston in Belfast in April 2013.
Since 2011 to date Kirstin has played in Dublin’s top venues such as Sin Nightclub, The Academy, Andrews Lane Theatre, The Village, Lafayette’s, Code23, Club52, The Sunday Club Karma Stone, The King7, The Vaults IFSC, Radio City, The Cave, Industry, The Good Bits, The Turks Head, The Voodoo Lounge, Fibber Magees Basement and many more.

Kirstin went on to headline at many events such as Homegrown in The King7, Ibiza Blues Tiesto and Calvin Harris Afterparty in Lafayette’s, The deep and funky room in Santa’s Grotto at Lapland To Ibiza’s Winterwonderland in Andrews Land Theatre.
On the 18th of January 2014 Kirstin was thrilled to support her first main act Sam Divine from Defected in The Academy Dublin for Passion. This was an extra special event for Kirstin as she got to hand the decks over to Sam Divine who just so happens to be one of Kirstin’s favourite DJs and also a great inspiration to her.
Kirstin also went on to support Ibiza legend Sean Hughes in Andrews Lane Theatre in Dublin.
The fun didn’t stop there as Kirstin then had the honour of supporting Signum, Menno De Jong, John Askew and Will Atkinson at Spring Fest in The Voodoo Lounge Dublin.

In March 2014 Kirstin made her UK debut DJing at Area Nightclub in Vauxhall for the famous Ibiza Shit Party Reunion.

Kirstin then made her return back to Ibiza early June 2014 for another summer season after she was offered her Ibiza DJ residency in VIP Bar on San Antonio’s Westend strip. This was a very happy and exciting year for Kirstin. Whilst holding down her DJ residency in VIP that season Kirstin also played at various different day and night events on the island such as Ultraviolet in Play2, Blasted Ibiza pool party at Kanya, Funkybox pool party at Kanya and various nights Viva.
In September 2014 Kirstin left her Ibiza residency for two days to fly to the UK as she was booked to headline Studio79 in Ciros Nightclub Ashby de la Zouch for Twisted Love. Kirstin then returned to the white isle to finish off the summer season DJing.
Kirstin returned back to her hometown for the winter season 2014 and was kept busy DJing in her favorite Dublin Clubs such as Sin Nightclub, Karma Stone, The Mezz, Lafayette’s, The Full Shilling and many more.

2015 kicked of to a fantastic start for Kirstin as she was booked and made her DJ Debut in Ministry Of Sound London for one of Ministry’s most iconic nights The Gallery.
Kirstin then returned to Dublin and held a weekly DJ residency for Thirsty Thursdays in The Full Shilling Finglas until May 21st before leaving Ireland again to return back to her DJ residency in Attic in Ibiza.
Kirstin had a very exciting start to the summer season on her travells to Ibiza as she made her DJ Debut at Reform Nightclub in Exeter UK to support Judge Jules. Kirstin was a former dancer for Judgement Sundays in Eden Ibiza for two years at Jules’s weekly night in Eden Ibiza, so it was a great honour for Kirstin to hand the decks over to Judge Jules himself.
Kirstin then returned back to the white isle on the 28th of May, and since her return this year has gotten off to an amazing and busy start.
Kirstin holds her DJ residency for the second year running in Attic Ibiza formally knows as (VIP Ibiza).
Since her return Kirstin Has also locked down two new DJ residencies on the island, one at Murphy’s in Playa Den Bossa & also another at Jet apartment next to Bora Bora Beach. With her three DJ residencies it is sure to be a busy and intrestingseason for Kirstin.
Along with Kirstin’s residencies she continues to play for other clubs and events on the island. She recently played for Detroit Ibiza at Viva, Influence at Viva, Funkybox Bar, and made her Debut in Sankeys Ibiza for CRAFT Underground at Magna Carta.

Producing is definitely a road that Kirstin is going to go down very soon.
Kirstin’s styles of music include all genres of House music, Deep, Funky, Techhouse, Deep Tech and Techno.
It is safe to say that Kirstin is addicted to her decks and is worth keeping a very close eye on in the near future.